The ever expanding power of the federal government, the absorption of many of the functions that states and cities once considered to be responsibilities of their own, must now be a source of concern to all those who believe as did the great patriot, Henry Grattan that: "Control over local affairs is the essence of liberty".

John F. Kennedy

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My Beliefs

actor . entrepreneur . fighter

Roxanne Beckford was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She emigrated from the island in the late 70s, graduated from boarding school in South Florida, and from Davidson College with a degree in Psychology in 1986. After working in public and community relations in Miami for Citibank and the Rouse Company, she arrived in Southern California in the late 80s to become a working actor. She has done that now for over twenty years, starting out playing Whitley's cousin on A Different World and continuing to appear in television and movie roles even while marrying her husband and having and raising four children. Her IMDB page can be found here.

After her marriage and the addition of the surname Hoge, Roxanne and her husband Bob  founded One Hot Mama, a maternity clothing website, in 1998.  Their foray into the world of the internet and brick-and-mortar retail has lasted almost two decades, and taught them many lessons about entrepreneurship and the practical effects of government regulation.

She became a citizen of the United States after the turn of the century and keenly appreciates all the wonders of this great nation, especially all that California represents.

  • America is exceptional
  • The rule of law must prevail
  • Common sense is vital
  • Without truth, we can't have clarity
  • Freedom is a gift 
  • Citizenship is a responsibility
  • Government shouldn't pick winners 

"Everything great about our country happens when individuals step up to the plate and push back against government overreach.." Roxanne Beckford Hoge Hodge

Kemberlee Kaye

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Roxanne Beckford Hoge